Kingsdon has since 1981 been part of the United Benefice of Somerton with Charlton Adam and Charlton Mackrell. There is no resident priest in Kingsdon and the three clergy, consisting of the Priest-in-Charge, the Assistant Priest and the Curate share the work of the four churches along with help from retired clergy living in the area.

Historically, the Church was first mentioned in 1242 and the name of perhaps the first Rector, Adam Hildebrand, is first recorded in 1309. The building is of blue lias stone with hamstone dressings and the earliest part of the church is believed to be the nave which is of 12th century origin. The 70 ft church tower was added at the west end in the 15th century but had originally been built above the north chapel. The pulpit dates from 1627 and the font bowl is of 12th century origin.

The Church Needs Your Help

All Saints Church is the most ancient building in Kingsdon and is the focal point for worship as well as many village events. It welcomes villagers and visitors alike for some of the most important occasions in their lives – baptisms, weddings and funerals.

All Saints is not a wealthy church, mainly funded by its congregation, donations from visitors and social occasions. However with its small congregation, the church finds itself financially compromised. This has been particularly so throughout the current pandemic, during which there have been no services or opportunities to raise funds, resulting in a much reduced income.

We are immensely grateful that many of you already support the church in a variety of ways, but we calculate that this is insufficient to ensure that the church is preserved for our use today and also for future generations.
We are keen to set up a Friends of All Saints Church, specifically to raise money for the building. COVID-19 has prevented us making progress, so with bills mounting, we have decided on an interim approach that we hope you will support.

Benefice Church Services – July 2021

  • Sunday 4th July 9:30am Kingsdon, Jenny Gollop
  • Sunday 11th July 9:30am Holy Communion, Charlton Mackrell Rev Alan SymondsSunday 11th July 11:00am Holy Communion, Somerton Rev John Greed
  • Sunday 18th July 9:30am Holy Communion Kingsdon Rev Alan Symonds
  • Sunday 25th July 9:30am Charlton Adam Anthea Reilly / Rev Alan Symonds
  • Sunday 25th July 11:00am Somerton Joy Rattenbury / Rev Alan Symonds

    It is not necessary to book for these services, but subject to changes in Government guidelines it is currently necessary to wear face masks, sanitise hands and keep a social distance.

    Friends of Kingsdon Church

    Here are the framework terms of reference for the Group, and as you can see, it for all villagers of whatever faiths or beliefs who want to see our lovely church survive into the future.


    1. For some years the PCC has struggled to match church expenditure and income streams. The majority of expenditure is for essential insurance, heating, lighting, cleaning, and to pay our parish share and admin costs to the Diocese and Benefice. This comes to about £14,000 pa. Income is largely generated through regular donations, fund raising, and irregular functions as funerals.

    2. After increasing concern had been shared with the village/ parishioners, several individuals expressed interest in forming a “Friends of Kingsdon Church” group, primarily to fund raise. Its inception has been delayed by COVID.


    3. To research all means of fund raising for Kingsdon Church and make relevant proposals, take forward, and manage such events.

    4. To select and agree a Chair for the group, and hold meetings, the frequency of which will be determined by forward planning of its activities and their timely and efficient management.


    5. The Group reports to the PCC via the Treasurer, who is the normal day to day point of contact.

    6. The Group has autonomy to plan and manage any fund raising event, including related income and expenditure, and seek funding as necessary from the PCC.

    7. There will be a separate bank account for this purpose, which is a subset of the PCC’s main bank account.

    If you are interested in being involved, please contact Tony Steele-Perkins at, or 01935840184, and we will then arrange a Zoom meeting.


    Prayer Tree

    The Prayer Tree at All Saints Church Sometimes when life is difficult, and we don’t know what to do or where to turn, writing down our thoughts, hopes, fears, or simply the name of a loved one can be helpful.

    At All Saint’s, our Village Church, we now have a Prayer Tree placed in St Catherine’s Chapel. Shaped cards are provided on which anyone is welcome to write their prayer requests to then hang on the Prayer Tree.

    It may just be a word or a name you wish to leave and there is no need to identify yourself if you’d rather not.

    Prayer is an important part of Christian life and worship. It can take many forms e.g. prayers for ourselves, for others, thanksgiving or praise, although none of these labels need to apply. Your prayer requests will be included in the prayer life of the Church.

    The Church is open 9.30am – 5pm each day. We invite you to discover the quiet and reflective space of St Catherine’s Chapel.

Sponsors needed for Rebecca..

A big thank you to all those kind residents who have given so generously to sponsor little Rebecca Silau`s education in Ken- ya. The sponsorship of Rebecca is now in place and our contact with Rebecca is through Helen Parnnel who works closely with the Osiligi and following regular visits to their township will advice us on Rebecca`s progress throughout the years ahead.

Richard South

Last year the Osiligi Maasai Warriors performed in our church to raise much needed funds for their school and community.  We are now aiming to raise just a small annual amount to sponsor Rebecca Silau Ole Taota (pictured below) so she can attend school and complete her education.  Can you help?

Click here to find out more…

General information on services – Non Covid

  • 1st Sunday: A family service at 11:00.
  • 2nd Sunday: 9:30 service alternating between a Communion service and a modern Mattins style service (without communion).
  • 3rd Sunday: Evensong at 18:00.
  • 4th Sunday: Communion at 9:30.
  • 5th Sunday: When there is a 5th Sunday there is a 10:00 Benefice service rotating round the four churches.

There are some additional services on Saints’ days and other Holy Festivals. The times of the services are always shown on the notice-boards in the Church porch and on the gate pillar at the entrance to the Church path, as well as being published in the Kingsdon Chronicle.

Further information can be obtained from the Priest-in-Charge, Rev Alan Symonds (01458 272029) or the Churchwarden Mrs Bel Allan (01935 840878).

More about All Saints’

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Memorial Transcriptions

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War Memorials

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