The present Kingsdon Parish Council were elected in 2015 and sit for a term of four years. We usually meet on the second Thursday of every month in the village hall. The parish council notice board is outside of the village shop.

There is parishioner’s time preceding each Parish Council meeting where you can comment about items that are on the agenda, or ask for an item to be considered for the agenda at the following meeting.  (Only items that are actually ON the agenda can be discussed at a meeting)

The quickest way to raise an issue is to speak to a councillor. Each has volunteered to look after particular issues and these are listed with the contact details of each councillor below. If you are not sure who to contact ask any councillor or the clerk for advice. There is also a Parish Councillor Surgery at the village shop each month. The Parish Council is supported by the Parish Clerk and an independent Responsible Financial Officer.

Planning applications have to be considered by the Parish Council within a specified time-frame and these meetings are also open to the public so look out for notifications. The Parish Council makes recommendations to the District Council Planning Authority as to whether the application is considered acceptable, conditional, or otherwise.

Transparency Code

The Government has introduced a Transparency Code for local councils and smaller authorities, with a turnover not exceeding £25,000. Kingsdon Council fits into this category, so the Parish Councillors will publish annually, no later than 1st July each year, various items of financial information as required by the Code.

All information required to be made public can be found at the end of this page together with the Standing Orders of the council and other important documents, such as the most recent Parish Plan.

The Council is also required to publish DRAFT minutes of all council meetings, agendas and associated papers. These are published in the Kingsdon Chronicle. The approved minutes can be accessed below

Kingsdon Parish Community Plan Survey 2017 




The Parish Council are pleased to announce that the results of the recent survey have been received prior to Christmas.

A village meeting to give a full presentation and begin the development of an action plan response will be held early in 2018.

Click here to download the full report

Kingsdon Village Allotments

Click here for more information

Kingsdon Parishioner Consultation re Proposed Developments

Kingsdon Parishioner Consultation – Saturday 24th November 2018














Copy of the consultation boards displayed at the Village Hall on the 24th November 2018.

This consultation is organized by parishioners following the Kingsdon Parish Council Extraordinary Meeting on the 13th October 2018 when extensive development proposals where publicised.

Please click here or the image to download a full copy.

Parish Councillors

The Clerk is Kate Hatt who can be contacted on



MEETINGS 1 MAY 2018 TO 30 APRIL 2019


           -To view previous years meeting minutes please click here



Item 31/3/2015 31/3/2016 31/3/2017   31/3/2018
Items of Expenditure over £100  View
End of year accounts  View View
Annual Governance Statement View
Annual Internal Audit Report View
Details of Public Land and Building Assets  None  None
Quarterly Report Q1 2017/18



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