The Kingsdon Chronicle is an independent journal published monthly. It contains all the latest village news, articles and information for residents who receive a free black and white copy direct to their letterbox. Copies here are in glorious colour!

The Kingsdon Chronicle is financed mainly by donations and is solely produced and edited by its founder Wally Elliott.

The Kingsdon Chronicle was started in 2007 and quickly grew from 4 to 20 pages per month. Anyone in the village can send in contributions. The Chronicle is edited by founder Wally Elliott and in November 2015 it celebrated 100 issues.

Issues prior to 2015 were not published with the intention that they would be on a website, but are provided here for the convenience and interest of the community. If there is any content in the Chronicles that you have a problem with please contact the Editor who will arrange for the web copy to be redacted if there is a legal reason to do so.